Call Me By My True Name


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The name Spiritual Alchemy came to me while I was dancing, holding the intention that a special name come to me for what I have somehow known, but only unconsciously lived all my life: the practice of taking in energy, reading it and transforming it through my loving intention. Just today, in reading Wayne Dyer’s I Can See Clearly Now, I was astounded—utterly taken aback—to read a passage by him where he identified the pure essence of my work. As he wrote of the power of forgiveness, he “happened” to say: “Indeed we send love in response to hate and become spiritual alchemists.” That’s it, I thought! That’s exactly, in its simplest form, what my work aims to do! And coming from a great teacher like Dr. Dyer, I’m pleased to hear it named thus!

May we all find the quickest, easiest path to LOVE and in so doing become transformers of all that is around us. The honey bees need our love so that their fate is transformed from doom to miracle; the children need our love that they may be empowered to live their true purposes; the clerk at the store needs our love that she may feel, even if just for that moment, Seen; we need our own love that we may stop simply surviving and move to a new understanding of Life as a grand opportunity in every moment to Thrive.

Welcome to this invitation for exploring your own life as an Empowered Thriving Alchemist!

Photos graciously provided by Gabrial Reising at GoldenCirclePhotography


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