The Synchronous Moon


So, last night was full of synchronicity.  I was leading a guided meditation and at one point deep into the visualization, I asked everyone to open the inner doors that they normally keep shut to their True Souls.  I asked them to notice the intense beauty–just like when a blue bird opens her wings to dart into the grasses–it’s stunning.  At that moment, as if on cue, someone outside must have noticed the full moon rising, because she exclaimed, “Oh, it’s so beautiful!” Our souls are stunningly beautiful when we catch glimpse of them, or let someone in so close that it takes our breath away.

I made myself get out of bed at 1:30 in the morning last night, and it was worth it.  The sight of the blood moon eclipse was otherworldly.  I could have been living on some faraway planet.  I bundled up and stepped out to our backyard.  I needed to commune with the moon as she cleansed herself of anger and fear and unforgiveness–as she went into the red of the darkness and was wrung clean.  She seemed to emerge brighter than ever after the clearing was over.  She was so brave, to let go and trust the process.

While I was outside, I said prayers of forgiveness.  I could feel the Angels literally reaching into our hearts; clearing out, wringing out the old and the dead; preparing us for expressions of Joy we can’t even yet imagine.  And I spoke aloud blessings for all my loved ones, and especially for the earth:  “May we forgive all that is done and undone.  May we know true happiness.  May our earth have love.”  As I spoke these last words, in that very moment, a shooting star fell underneath the moon.  My wish for love for our planet was granted.  Isn’t it stunningly beautiful when, like the moon, we are brave enough to let go and be cleared out, trusting the dark phase, so that we can be renewed and set free to let forth even more of our true light?







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