*SOUL INTEGRATION*—guided meditation, Angel messages, grounding, energy clearing, golden light therapy, movement, connecting with your Highest Self and Spirit Helpers (angels, guides, spirit animals, deceased loved ones), hypnotherapy, hands-on energy therapy

Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual, and dictated, as much as possible, by Spirit Wisdom.

What might a Session include?

*Invocation of your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Teachers, and the Archangels and Ascended Masters
*Guided Meditation and Visualization—in this innovative form of therapy called Interactive Visioning, you and I, and your Spirit Helpers, journey together for healing and release
*Practicing the use of Energy Tools for Grounding, Clearing, and Receiving Golden Light
*Healings or Energy Clearings
*Angel, Earth Magic, or Ascended Master Card Reading
*Integration and Review—to solidify the deep shifts that occur

*Can be in-person or over the phone


*Sessions are 70 minutes and cost $100

New to Spiritual Alchemy?
enjoy 40% off introductory Soul Integration Session:

$60 for 70 minutes!

Your Birth Rite!
12 months of Soul Integration Sessions

Enjoy a Soul Integration Session each month for a year! Celebrate your birthday month FREE:
12 Sessions regularly $1200 for $1100. Option to purchase “Your Birth Rite Package” upfront and receive even deeper savings:  12 sessions for $1000. Each month we will delve deeper and deeper into your Soul’s Journey on Earth, building on what was discovered in the last session.

Referrals Enjoy 25% Off
You and your friends enjoy 25% off Soul Integration Sessions.

Refer and save after each referral!  Regularly $100 for $75. Thank you for your patronage and love!

Photos graciously provided by Gabrial Reising at GoldenCirclePhotography

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