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Swinging With My Angel
















“In fact, all babies see angels and spirits, but at about the time children start to talk they begin to be told what’s real and what’s not real, and so if things are not solid like their toys, then they are told that they are only pretend. Young children are conditioned and lose the ability to see and experience spiritual things.  Because education starts earlier nowadays, fewer people are talking to angels….”  -Lorna Byrne in Angels in My Hair:  The True Story of a Modern-Day Irish Mystic


Yesterday, I was pushing a young friend of mine on a swing.  She and I have an easy way of communicating with each other, though her speech is limited to “up” and “bye-bye” and simple utterances like that.  The swing next to her was empty but she insisted, with an “up” and much pointing that I push that swing also.  I began to wonder who was sitting there…was it her guardian angel?  I imagined her looking a lot like my companion, only with wings.  I thought she would be laughing as we were, swinging gayly.  Any time the swing slowed, the young one would notice, and point, “up, up!”  Yes, my dear, up up and away!

Then, I flashed back to my days swinging alone-but not alone-out in the country in Iowa.  The swing set faced a sweeping valley.  And if you were turned toward the wide open country, you could soar.  My dear friend Leo would swing with me.  Though he was a lion, I saw nothing strange about this.  He was as real as anything else I saw in this world-maybe more so.  I don’t remember him showing himself to me again, but on the swing, I could see his golden mane perfectly.  I felt him with me a good while, maybe until I went to kindergarten.

Dearest parents, give your children time to dream in the daylight!  Give spaciousness to their days, allowing for alone time and silence. Let the breeze be their companion, their play date!  They will feel their angels then.  And give just an inkling of imagination to this thought:  “What if their angels are real?  What if I could see them?”  Just this thought will create space for them to know that what they are seeing IS REAL.




She Had to be Called Madeline…


Skip now to my own pregnancy with my daughter. I knew I was having a girl, after 6 dreams told me so. I knew also that she would be strong, so strong, because I dreamed about her soul in a life as a tribesman in Africa. She was the last remaining survivor in her tribe, and as the warring tribe came for her up over the hill, she decided to die by her own spear rather than give them the satisfaction of taking her life.

So, her father and I could not agree upon a name for such a strong soul. He was convinced that she had to be called Madeline, but it being one of the top 50 names of 2003, I would not agree to it. Her name had to be unique. And so, at an impass, I told her father and anyone who asked that it would come to us in a dream.

Indeed, her father received this dream. In it, she was being passed around in the airport and her father told everyone that her name was Mayla, only he received 2 spellings of this name: one was the spelling we chose (“Mayla”), and the other was “Maela.” I liked it immediately and, looking it up in the baby name book, I discovered that though “Mayla” was not listed, under the second spelling, it said “See Madeline.” This unique name was a nickname for the very one that her dad had wanted for her! What an amazingly creative compromise to both of our desires. Her rightful name had indeed come to us as an inspired dictate.