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Why Do I See 444 all the Time?

The spiritual world sometimes uses numbers to get our attention.  Have you noticed that you’ll see a certain time, or a certain set of numbers on a license plate repeatedly.  This really IS a significant sign that you can take interest in!  Each number has meaning because of its sacred geometrical vibration.
I had a friend ask me recently for the “Cliff’s Notes” on number meanings, so here they are for you to play with!  Let me know what you see in the world, now that you will be more attuned, and how the meaning figures into your life….
  • 1-You are beginning a new Manifestation Cycle in your life. “I am a Creative Force in the Universe.”
  • 2-You are perfectly balanced in Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies. “I am effortlessly bringing Balance into my life.”
  • 3-You are not alone:  the Ascended Masters are with you. “I am calling on the Ascended Masters to pour their wisdom into me now.”
  • 4-The Angels are with you. “I am calling on my Guardian Angels now, giving them permission to work Miracles in my life.”
  • 5-Positive Change is occurring effortlessly right now. “I am invoking the energy of Positive Change to move through my life.”
  • 6-Hold strong to Faith and Hope, as these qualities create more space for Love. “I am making room for the Angels of Faith, feeling them lovingly hold me.”
  • 7-Magic is all around you. “I am open to Magic weaving through my life.”
  • 8-Abundance is streaming through your life. “I am receiving the Abundance of Life.”
  • 9-Something you have been working on manifesting is coming into Fruition. “I am receiving the fruits of Creation.”
  • 10-All is One. “I am interconnected with the Wholeness of all things.”